Mac Pro 5.1 12 Core SSD  32GB

LG 21:9 Ultra-Wide Monitor

Crane Song Solaris DAC

UAD Apollo 16


Grimm CC1 Clock


Pro Tools 2020

Logic Pro X

Ableton Live 10 Suite


Plugin Alliance (All)

UAD (Various)

Soundtoys 5 (All)

Waves (various)

Avid (Various)

Softube (Various)

Klanghelm (Various)

Fab Filter (Various)

Valhalla (Various)


Soundtracs PC MIDI 16 Console (Inline 32)

Otari MX5050 8-Track Tape Machine (1/2")


Neve 1073 Pre X2

Universal Audio 6176

Drawmer 1960 Pre/Compressor

dbx 160A Compressor

Roland Space Echo RE201 Tape

Great British Spring Reverb

Yamaha E1005 Analog Delay

Yamaha SPX90 Digital Reverb

Panasonic Stereo Tube Reverb

Alesis Midi Verb 4

Melos Analog Delay



Reynolds CK12

Sennheiser MD421 White (2)

Sennheiser  MD441

Sennheiser E945

Electrovoice RE20

Electrovoice 635a (2)

Beyerdynamic M88

Beyerdynamic M160

Beyerdynamic M201TG

AKG C414 XLS (2)

AKG  D112 (2)


Rode K2 (2)

Rode NT5 (2) (matched pair)

Reslo Ribbon BBC (2) (matched pair)

Shure SM7 B

Shure SM57 (4)

Shure SM58

Shure 520 DX (Bullet mic)

Shure 545 Unidyne iii (2)

Cascade Fat Head II Ribbon (2) (matched pair)

Telefunken TD-21 (2)

Fender Twin Reverb, Silver Face 1970's 

Fender Pro Reverb, Silver Face 1970's

Fender Princeton

Fender Champ 65

Vox AC30 1960's (2)

Vox AC30/15 Handwired (white)

Roland Jazz Chorus 50

Wem Clubman

Ampeg 4 x10 Combo

Ampeg 2 X 10 Cab

Ampeg SVT-200T Head

Ashdown Mag 300 Bass Head



Focal CMS 65 (pair)

Yamaha NS-20 (pair)

Avatone Mix Cube



 M-Audio Hammer88 (Fully Weighted)    Fender Rhodes 

Korg Delta  Korg MS20 (Mini)  Doepfer Dark Time Sequencer 

Casio Tone CT310                      

Yamaha Upright Piano (on request)         




Fender Telecaster (2) (One Left Handed)

Fender Mustang (1960)

Fender Jazz Master (Usa)

Fender P Bass (Usa)

Fender Jazz Bass

Gibson 335 (Usa)

Grizzly Guitars Custom Telecaster

Grizzly Guitars Custom P Bass

Epiphone Violin Bass

Epiphone Sheritan

Epiphone Dot

EKO 12- String Acoustic

1950's US Army Semi Acoustic (with P90)



Premier Series Maple 13", 16", 18" 22

Premier XPK Birch 10", 12" 14" 16" 22"

Premier Beebop Jazz 10",14" 18"



Premier Modern Classic, Bell Brass 14" X 8"

Premier Steel 14" X 6.5"

Premier Super 14" X5" (1970)
Premier Birch 14" X5.5"

Ludwig Black Beauty 14" X 6.5"  (1990)

Ludwig 400 Supraphonic 14" X5.5" (1964)

Slingerland Studio King 14" 6.5" (1 of 6)

FX PEDALS (Just a selection below)


Electro Harmonix Memory Man (original)

Electro Harmonix  Holy Grail Stereol Reverb

Moog Fooger


Super Rat

Double Rat

Zeevex Fuzz Factory

Zeevex Super Duper

Zeevex Box Of Rock

Colour Sound Wah

Sans Amp

Russian Big Muff

Big Muff

Ray Gun Spirit Fuzz

Grizzly Guitars Tone Bender

Grizzly Guitars Fuzz Face

Grizzly Guitars Big Muff

Grizzly Guitars Analog Delay

Grizzly Guitars Valve re-amper

Diamond Compressor

Boss Distortion (original)

Boss Tremelo

Boss Tuners (3)







Paiste  2002's    14" Hats,18" Crash, 20" Ride.

Paiste Giant Beats 14" Hats, 18" & 20" Crash/Ride

Paiste 602  20" Medium Ride

Paiste Twenty Series 14" Hats, 18' 20' Crash 21" Ride

Paiste Traditonals 15" Hatrs, 17" Crash 22" Ride

Paiste Signature  21" Silver Mellow Ride

Paiste Alpha 16", 18" Crashes



Ludwig Musser Glockenspiel

Premier Glockenspiel

Loads and loads and loads of hand percussion....Think "Stomp"