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The Crows Nest was established in September 2009 and has grown from strength to strength. It has become the creative HQ to many bands and artists looking for an inspiring well maintained recording and mixing environment.


The studio's instruments, mic pre's and microphones have been carefully curated over the last decade to ensure the best quality and character available. Whether its a clean vocal chain with the trusted the Neve 1073's DPA and their pristine converters or driving the character of your drums through the studios secret weapon, The Soundtracs 'Class A'  PC MIDI console, all bases are covered.


Although  a relatively small recording space the ergonomics of the live and control room work to great effect and the results speak for themselves. The space is acoustically treated producing a controlled, well balanced environment especially for drums. The studio has external storage for cases and additional equipment.


The studio also has a shared kitchen/dinning area, plus the usual Toilet and shower facilities (Including disabled access).

We also have a selection of cafes, bars and restaurants within the same, and adjacent building.


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